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For companies that want to enhance their offer by introducing features that allows a management of their devices through software, Urbana has developed integrated solutions for enhancing the vertical in which these companies operate. This approach benefits the digital transformation.

We aim as a partner to extend and understand new ways of doing business by proposing solutions that are already present in our portfolio but also create new ad hoc solutions for the customer. Urbana operates in lighting, parking, and metering solutions. With our software you will be able to integrate many verticals as well as the possibility to integrate third parties.

The integration of existing systems or software architectures is the key to success on which Urbana constantly works on, to reduce unnecessary waste and enhance utilization, integrating all levels of connectivity, physical state protocols, raw data and/or processed data.

IoT Platform

Urbana created a device management solution, based on IoT architecture, able to integrate field devices for the most varied applications, ensuring a complete or partial view of the following parameters and interactions:

  • Identification of devices through Geo localization.
  • Planning events and interventions
  • Asset audit process with integration of personal data
  • Notification settings for alerts in case of anomalies or errors
  • Sending periodic custom reports
  • Automations with cause-and-effect factors on specific devices or events both with local controls and with triggers managed by the platform.


In order to ensure proper functioning of the proposed service and to minimize risks, Urbana uses advanced security systems that allow only the authenticated and assigned customer to receive the necessary information.

The documentation of the data is archived and over time it creates a history that is searchable at any time. The data are treated with the utmost confidentiality respecting all parameters defined by GDPR privacy policies.


We provide a process that guarantees an excellent and functional network and coverage over time. This durable stability is achieved thanks to a careful planning and checks done on the network cover during the design and installation phase.

In case of wireless solutions, our solution with the LoRaWAN network guarantees stable connectivity thanks to a long-range radio coverage (even of 10km in air) combined with a greater ability to cross physical obstacles compared to other radio protocols, in addition, the limited energy consumption allows the introduction of sensors with a battery life of more than 5 years.


Even the integrations of devices and sensors is a point of value for which Urbana is prepared. We provide flexible way for the communication protocols, giving options for managing the data in a “raw” way (for example MQTT) or aggregated through API logic.

The software integration allows access to different features. With Urbana the integration is carried out with standard and consolidated technologies, such as Rest API, or more innovative, such as GraphQL. This makes it possible to obtain data from various different sources with a single call, simplifying the integration process.

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