Urbana Hospitality

Make Hospitality Smarter

  • How to make the hotel smarter and more sustainable?
  • How to increase energy savings and reduce costs?
  • How to improve the guest experience?

Urbana has a solution that meets the needs of every type of hotel, starting from a basic automation package for a guest room to extending the system to the public and outdoor areas of the entire facility.

Give hospitality to Smart Solutions

With its well-established expertise in IoT infrastructure software and hardware, Urbana can offer a comprehensive, flexible, and cost-effective package:

  • Hotel Manager Platform & App for Managers & Operators
  • Hotel Guest app for Customers
  • High quality smart devices for guest rooms, public and outdoor areas, managed via Hotel Manager Platform & App and Hotel Guest App

Smart Room Automation

With the Smart Rooms Automation package, you will allow your guests to manage a range of devices via the Hotel Guest app such as accessing their room, adjusting lighting, heating, and air conditioning.

And beyond...

With the flexibility of the Smart Room Automation package, you can enhance the comfort and experience of your guests’ stay by adding other devices to your Smart Room such as smart hubs, presence sensors, air purifiers, window sensors, curtain automation systems, and more. All conveniently manageable from the Hotel Guest app!

Smart lighting
Remote room
Door opening from
mobile app
Room environmental
monitoring (CO2, PM 2.5)
Room consumption monitoring
and optimization

All devices in guest rooms can also managed through the Hotel Manager Platform

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