Investment in IoT systems reserved for hospitality industry worldwide has increased considerably in recent years and is a growing trend.

“In 2020, the smart hospitality sector reached approximately six billion U.S. dollars and was forecast to grow to 58.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2027 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.6 percent” (

Many operators in the hospitality industry are using IoT technology for at least three good reasons:

  • Providing a better user experience for their guests.
  • Optimizing energy costs, improving security and maintenance.
  • Making hotels more sustainable.

Benefits for Guests

Guests can check their room ventilation system from a smartphone (or a tablet provided by the hotel) and order a drink without having to call the reception!

If they want, Guests can control other devices, such as the TV or the lights, completely independently.

Guests feel more secure in a system based on smart locks, which covers not only the rooms but the entire hotel area.

Guests can also manage their room services and devices by voice control.

Benefits for Hotel Managers

IoT eliminates complex check-ins. Hotels can automatically send a digital key to the guest’s smartphone, which communicates with the room’s smart lock to unlock it.

With an IoT system, hotels can collect data on customers habits with smart devices in their rooms and provide them an increasingly better experience. (e.g., thermostat setting habits by room)

With IoT, maintenance can be planned to take preventive actions, and avoid failures or malfunctions.

Finally, including an IoT system in every room results in reduced energy consumption and costs.

Urbana Hospitality

Urbana has a solution that meets the needs of every type of hotel, starting from a basic automation package for a guest room to extending the system to the common and outdoor areas of the entire facility.

With its well-established expertise in IoT infrastructure software and hardware, Urbana can offer a comprehensive, flexible, and cost-effective package:

  • Hotel Manager Platform & App for Managers & Operators
  • Hotel Guest mobile applet for Customers
  • High quality smart devices for guest rooms, common and outdoor areas, managed via Hotel Manager Platform & App and Hotel Guest App


Urbana Hospitality is an easy way to:

  • manage devices in rooms, common areas, and outdoor areas;
  • manage the activities of operators;
  • plan maintenance activities;
  • provide a better guest experience.

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