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Companies are called upon to pursue business paths in continuous transformation by combining innovation and evolution of products and services. To overcome this challenge and manage the resulting complexity, companies must adopt a multidisciplinary design approach in which vision and sustainability can act as elements of competitiveness.



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Urbana Smart Solutions, thanks to its software and hardware design skills, designs IoT Solutions capable of digitizing processes to improve operational efficiency.

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Urbana Smart Solutions offers innovative solutions within the IoT, thanks to its software and hardware design skills, positioning itself on the national scene as a whole of transversal skills.
The main advantage is undoubtedly the ability to govern all the components of a complex technological system, from the development to the integration of IoT hardware and software infrastructures for the design of end-to-end solutions.

Beyond this aspect Urbana has an important experience with regard to communication protocols, which allow for secure and reliable integration of IoT devices with digital platforms.

Supporting customers is another advantage offered by Urbana, this allows us to accompany them in the digital transformation through the introduction of solutions that aim to improve processes. The goal is to optimize and attribute value to the partner company by adding an approach towards sustainable business development.

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