Urbana Smart Solutions, provides digital solutions to create more efficient buildings, cities and industrial environments. We offer both ready-to-go solutions and customized, seamless system integrations to help you delivering outstanding solutions.

Our portfolio includes both own digital solutions and IoT system integration services leveraging our IoT infrastructure and internal development capabilities. Our team of 15 engineers can handle development at all layers of the IoT stack: field devices, network, platform, UX and UI.

We believe in our partners and aim to be their strategic partner when it comes to implementing digital solutions adopting the competitive advantage of IoT.

Reliability, innovation and flexibility are key points that we take in every project to ensure the maximum added value for our customers and partners.

Our business is international, with more than 25 smart projects realized across the globe. We invest on constant collaborations on IoT projects with major world class universities: Singapore NUS and NTU, University of Padua, University of Udine, University of South California.

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Ostan Group has grown over the past 40 years becoming a leading OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) supplier.

In the last 15 years, its strategy has been the development of a structure able to compete in the global market, expanding its manufacturing facilities in Europe and Asia Pacific.

In addition to technical and management competencies, an integrated and experienced R&D and design team based in Italy represents one of its major strengths.

Ostan Group is today a trusted and long-term partner for a number of customers in the home and small appliance sector, with specific focus on single serve beverage products and household appliance, indoor lighting system, camera accessories.

100% family owned company

Urbana moving forward the 2030 Agenda
for sustainable development

Urbana is committed to contribute on conducting
a sustainable development respecting the target of Agenda 2030

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