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IoT technology is taking mobile app development to an unprecedented level.

The mobile app in an IoT system is a central element making IoT solutions accessible and handy. With mobile apps, the user can monitor and manage IoT devices remotely hassle-free and with a tap of a finger.

Thus, the range of devices that can be easily managed on the Net is increasing more and more.

Apps and IoT can work together in different ways and for different market segments.

Industry 4.0

For Industry 4.0, IoT technology plays a crucial role when it comes to improvements in processes and safety.

With a mobile app, the status of production lines can be monitored in real-time, verifying whether work areas are safe and energy waste can be significantly reduced.

KPIs can also be analyzed on a range of machines, for specific observation periods. And these are just a few examples.


Looking at the impact of IoT in Retail, we see a huge potential coming up in the next years.

One of the most popular examples of synergy between mobile app and IoT systems is the smart shelf and checkout by Amazon Go.

With the Amazon Go app, users can self-checkout anywhere in the store by making online payments and heading directly to the exit without waiting in line.

This is a huge improvement in terms of time waste and user experience.

All this thanks to an IoT system based on sensors, computer vision and deep learning.


In the Automotive sector IoT & apps already have a lot to show.

Through an app connected to an IoT system car dealers can automate car maintenance, manage the usage information on the effective status of the vehicle, and optimize safety and diagnostic procedures.

Some of the most common features include: connection with roadside assistance, remote anti-theft activation, or real-time traffic situation.

Smart Home

IoT technology and apps can make the space we live in smarter. With an app on our smartphone, we can connect to home alarm systems, smart locks, thermostats, and smart appliances.

For example, with a mobile app you can be aware at all times if your pet at home lacks water or food and provide it remotely.

Home automation solutions, such as Google Home, require simple configuration for smart home devices. The user can add and configure IoT devices with a single app designed on purpose to be easily used by every member of the family.

Hotels can enhance their guests’ experience through an app and an IoT system to increase the comfort of rooms and common areas to make their stay memorable.

Again, these are just a few examples of the potential of an app in an IoT system.

Urbana Toolkit Mobile App

For its IoT solutions, Urbana has created the Urbana Toolkit Mobile App.

This app allows users to read real-time data collected from devices, monitor energy consumption, and view data history to increase energy efficiency and improve maintenance scheduling.

Urbana Toolkit Mobile App can be used to easily connect smart devices to Urbana IoT Platform in less than 10 seconds. By scanning the QR code of the device, it can be securely added to the platform.

We devoted an article in our blog on how we employed the Urbana Toolkit app in a public lighting control system with LoRaWAN®.


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