Space occupancy management is a topic that involves new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and can be extremely useful in market sectors like retail.

With an IoT system applied to the store, it is possible to collect and manage important data on the location of customers in certain strategic areas.

Once processed and analyzed, this data is transformed into valuable information that helps managers make informed decisions and improve the retail experience and operations.

Knowing the store areas where customers spend the most time can help retailers improve the effectiveness of retail operations and deliver a better, more personalized experience to customers, increasing purchases.

Thanks to IoT technology, you can:

  • optimize product layout,
  • improve promotions and marketing campaigns,
  • Easily and efficiently manage your inventory.

All thanks to smart sensors connected to a single cloud-based management platform which can also be used from tablets or smartphones wherever you are!

Urbana IoT Solution for Retail Analytics

Urbana Smart Solutions offers a Retail Analytics IoT solution designed for hypermarkets of different sizes, discount stores, convenience or specialty stores, temporary stores, or franchises. It is based on devices that monitor the location of customers within the retail in a completely anonymous way and in full compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regulations. These occupancy sensors can accurately monitor the occupancy of a given area and allow for different areas to be customized following specific store needs.

Thanks to sound level sensors, it is possible to identify the area of retail where the attention of a greater number of customers is focused; these devices allow different sound levels to be monitored for different utilities.

In addition, people counting sensors are devices which can be installed to detect the number of people entering and exiting or accessing certain areas (e.g., supermarket aisles divided by type of merchandise). This data can be used to monitor in real time the influx of customers and analyze traffic patterns. By analyzing them, the busiest areas can be identified, and the layout of products and personnel can be planned accordingly.

Urbana IoT Platform is designed to manage all data collected from the devices easily and intuitively, to compare them with previous data, and to perform detailed analysis.

The future of retail is already here.

As previously mentioned, IoT brings several benefits to store managers, increasing operational efficiency, marketing strategies, and improving customer experience.

The retail of the future will have to adapt quickly and adjust to the constant changes in consumer behavior. Urbana’s IoT solutions are already facilitating this process.

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