Thanks to smart systems, based on IoT (Internet of Things) technology, today it is possible to improve the workplace and consequently the experience of those who go there every day, reducing consumption costs, making the stay in offices and common spaces more comfortable. 

IoT monitoring and management: from HVAC systems to air quality

What are the main elements that make a building used as an office complex smart? First, a predictive heating/cooling (HAVC) system, that is, one that can be programmed based on weather conditions and building occupancy, thanks to smart devices such as thermostats, temperature controllers, and occupancy sensors. 

Getting real-time monitoring of air quality is another key element in places where people spend most of their working time. In an IoT system, a room sensor, placed in each office, monitors humidity, temperature, and CO2 parameters. 

Lighting and shared spaces

Lighting is certainly an impactful element in a healthy work environment. An IoT system enables personalized control of lighting based on the activities being performed. 

Managing dynamic digital signage can be useful for communicating events within the building to visitors. Also linked to this are wayfinding systems to help people locate specific places within the complex.  

Shared spaces may include conference rooms, these can be scheduled or checked for availability remotely and in real time. Even elevators could be programmed to take visitors to their destinations based on a specific event taking place on a specific floor of the building. In an IoT system, these activities can also be managed from anywhere with just a smartphone or tablet. 

Smart Building: the workplace of tomorrow

Effective automation systems minimize the need for manual intervention, improve operational performance, and are ideal for achieving energy-saving goals.  

Undoubtedly, smart office buildings will become the norm in the very near future, bringing significant improvement in sustainability, working life and energy consumption. 


Urbana solutions for smart workplace

Urbana IoT solutions enable detailed data to be collected on every aspect of the building, large or small, providing a level of visibility unreachable with standard building management systems (BMS).

In addition to maintaining temperature, IoT sensors can be placed on HVAC equipment to detect anomalies in its operation by alerting for problems before a costly failure occurs.

By monitoring energy use in real time, more effective data becomes available to identify inefficient lights and equipment, to change usage patterns to avoid high costs, and to make targeted improvements to reduce energy consumption.

With Urbana’s IoT solutions for smart building, it is possible to control heating, cooling, lighting, and fire-fighting systems and analyze all the data collected by special wireless sensors through a single interface. The wireless sensors are equipped with long-life batteries that do not require wiring, drastically reducing installation time and costs and providing enormous scalability and flexibility.

Urbana’s dedicated smart building solutions can be integrated with preexisting BMSs by making collected data available in a single, centralized cloud platform.


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