MyHome IoT Application: Urbana’s solution for the utility sector for a smarter and safer home.



The house has always been the place to live in conditions of comfort and safety. To respond and improve overall well-being, the home environment is constantly evolving and IoT technologies have proved to be suitable and easily integrated into this context.

In the world of utilities, there is a growing tendency to proceed with initiatives for the sale of VAS (Value Added Service) content value-added services alongside the supply of power and gas.

Taking advantage of its experience in innovative solutions, Urbana has created new digital services capable of satisfying the customer and supporting the growth of the utility business.

Overview and advantages of the solutions

MyHome offer proposed by Urbana consists of:

    • IoT Sensor: wireless battery-powered devices that adapt to the system without making invasive changes and interventions. These are Plug&Play sensors that are easy to install, which allow the end user to proceed without any specialized technical intervention.
    • Gateway: allows you to transfer sensor data to the Cloud through the Internet connection or through a SIM card housed in the device for users who do not have an Internet connection in their home. The SIM can also be used as a backup element in case of lack of Internet connection.​
    • LoRaWAN: open-source standard that allows you to securely connect sensors to the gateway.
    • Platform: designed to check the status of systems and devices in real time to ensure the operation of the installations over time
    • App: installable on a smartphone or tablet. It allows the user to view the transmitted data in real time and receive reports, through personalized notifications, in the event of anomalies detected by the sensors

Market needs

World statistics indicate that the elderly population in the next fifteen years will be greater than the eighteen-year-old population. This implies the need to provide more assistance.

For this to happen, it is necessary to focus on the ability to make elderly people independent. This can also happen thanks to the use of technology and the implementation of the IoT in their daily lives.
Smart Houses are a growing phenomenon thanks above all to the considerable advantages that can be obtained:

  • safety and well-being of people
  • better comfort in homes
  • smart solutions with the aim of protecting the environment.

Urbana’s kits aim to achieve the points for the creation of a welcoming and safe space. The differentiating factor of the proposed solutions is the fact of providing a simple, intuitive solution, suitable for any person and age, even for those who are not familiar with technologies.

Urbana's kits

Security kit

Inside your home it is possible that accidents may occur for example water leaks or gas leaks. To cope with these situations, the use of the IoT can help to intervene to solve but also prevent these problems.

Installing smart devices in your home, you can check the safety of the environments, the general state and avoid small daily accidents.
The associated devices are sensors for detecting the opening of doors and / or windows, to identify any gas and/ or smoke leaks, but also water leaks. In addition to these reception systems, there are devices capable of signaling the request for help when situations of need arise.

It is therefore possible to increase safety and protect residents with devices able to signal possible dangerous situations through reporting on mobile devices.

Quality kit

Ensuring proper ventilation of the rooms is recommended to prevent respiratory diseases, any allergies and to reduce the spread of any bacteria. The level of comfort depends on the internal environment and too low a temperature, too high humidity or poor air quality can impact on health.

For proper monitoring, the installation of specific smart sensors allows the analysis of multiple indicators. Some of these are: temperature, humidity, the presence of CO2 and many other specific values for measuring air quality. In this way the user can learn and adopt good habits to create an optimal environment and improve their well-being.

When critical thresholds are reached, the devices inform users, through personalized alerts sent directly to their smartphone.

A healthy environment helps you feel in good shape, is essential for proper sleep quality, and affects your productivity and ability to concentrate.

Allert signal

Wearable kit

Although the home is considered a safe place, domestic accidents are a large health problem that mainly affects childhood, domestic work, and old age. For the management of home safety and security, innovative wearable devices are associated to support traditional sensors. These devices constantly monitor the person’s health by checking vital parameters such as heart rate, body temperature and other specific indicators.

Of all domestic accidents, falls are the most common, causing debilitating effects on health and mobility, especially when considering the elderly population. Thanks to the monitoring of the person using a wearable device, it is possible to detect falls and automatically activate the request for help. This warning is sent to a professional operator or a family member, activating the rescue actions.

Urbana's value

Making innovative services available to the customer allows you to build and consolidate a lasting relationship. MyHome solution is within reach of an app and allows the customer to independently manage their home in terms of flexibility and accessibility to information. Just access the data overview via your smartphone connected to the Internet.

The collection of data on the functioning of connected devices and on the behavior of people is essential for accurate and better user profiling. In this way it is possible to study and propose customized contractual solutions by providing new value-added services. At the same time, it is an excellent vehicle for acquiring new customers.

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