Innovating BMS

with IoT system for a multifunctional

swimming center


A modern swimming center is often configured as a multifunctional facility, active in every season, with the pools open in the summer season and covered in the winter season. The services offered range from swimming to fitness with equipment for various sports activities and entertainment.

There is no shortage of rooms with different uses such as beauty centers, outpatient clinics, wellness areas, etc.

Customer needs

Given the variety of services offered at all times of the year, a multifunctional natatorium needs to implement a centralized heating/cooling (HVAC) system, with the ability to analyze consumption via heat meters and thus reduce costs. 

The issue

Entrances, bars, swimming pools, bookstores, and stores have different temperature control requirements, keeping in mind that some areas are only active at certain times of the year. 

Urbana’s solution

Urbana Smart Solutions proposes the management of pre-existing BMS based on the use of sensors and IoT devices, minimizing the impact on the facility, the cost of installation and maintenance. 

Specifically, the solution involves the installation of a Zigbee network to control: 

  • Radiators: connected via a thermostatic valve connected to the radiator supply pipe 
  • Fan coils, connected via a dry contact on/off thermostat 
  • Air handling units, connected via Zigbee relays 
  • Valves for heat sends, controlled via a relay 


The solution also consists of other sensors connected to the IoT platform via LoRaWAN® wireless technology: 

  • Air Quality: device that detects temperature, humidity and IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). 
  • Heat measurement via heat meter sensor. 


The advantages of Urbana’s solution

Best performance

Centralized monitoring system 

Real-time feedbacks

Provides continuous feedbacks about different parameters

Predictive maintenance

Optimization of preventive maintenance

Ensure green energy goals

Energy savings


Improved air quality 

Some of our Use Cases

PV          Systems

Outdoor Lighting

Smart Irrigation

Energetic Efficiency


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