Analysis and monitoring project of

consumption of the production plant



Driven by green renewal, the client company during the renewal of its production plants has chosen Urbana as a partner for the reduction of energy consumption and improvement of the ecological footprint.

The project consists of measuring and analyzing energy consumption of the production plant located in Poland.

Urbana has integrated the meters chosen by the customer within the Urbana IoT platform for consumption analysis of:

  • Two main lines coming directly from energy suppliers (2000A each)
  • Three lines of industrial presses
  • Painting booth
  • Production lines

Guided by the data collected punctually every fifteen minutes of consumption, the customer can correlate the production cycles and all the activities within the production processes to the relative consumption of electricity. Consequently, it can optimize the production process and the renewal of machinery with a view to reducing costs and consumption.


  • Consolidation of customer-specific implementation with subsequent expansion on all production plants on a global scale.
  • Precise and punctual control of energy-intensive machinery.
  • Creation of a LoRaWAN network in an industrial environment with safety and interference constraints.

Metering Sensor

Installed inside the electrical panel, of existing systems (RS485 with modbus protocol) or new systems, it allows you to detect and send impulses, subsequently translated into information, necessary to be able to control and monitor consumption by intervening in any critical areas.

A fundamental device from which the analysis process begins and which facilitates savings by reducing consumption.

It can be installed in different environments, including: offices, shopping centers, airports, private homes and apartment complexes.

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