Home security and


The project involves the development of a mobile application for a utility operating in the field of supply of energy services. The application was built based on the Urbana IoT Platform and provides a complete system for managing the quality and safety of homes and people.

The system consists of:

  • Urbana IoT Platform for managing users, groups, permissions, and devices.
  • Rebranded white-label mobile application for the customer.
  • LoRaWAN gateway for connection to Urbana network.
  • Set of sensors / actuators to perform the required services.

The following services are therefore provided for each home:

  • environmental quality (temperature, humidity, CO2, and other specific values for air quality).
  • gas and / or smoke leak detection alarms.
  • position sensors, SOS and falling people.
  • possibility of adding door / window opening sensors, presence detectors, acoustic alarms, water leakage detection sensors, etc.

All this was achieved by developing a customer-specific mobile application (Android and iOS). Through the app it is possible to enter multiple homes and their respective rooms, add devices via QR code and access the readings of historical data for each device. Furthermore, it is possible to configure customized alarms based on set thresholds and/or events.

Two of the distinctive aspects of the application are ease of use and attention to design, while the benefits received by the customer are the reduction of churn and the ability to add value-added digital services to their end customers.

The application was developed on the Urbana IoT platform as a backend. In this way, the client company can access all the information of its client in a centralized view.


  • Creation of a “framework” application able to be immediately replicable and scalable on different Urbana customers.
  • Simplification of the commissioning process by the customer.
  • Installation by a team dedicated to direct sales without specific technical skills.

Utility IoT Suite

The home environment is constantly evolving and IoT technologies easily adapt to this context to ensure greater well-being and especially security.

In the Utility world, the trend to proceed with marketing and commercial initiatives for the sale of Value-Added Service (VAS) content together with core gas and power commodity offers is emerging.

Benefiting from its experience in innovative solutions, Urbana has created new digital services able to satisfy the customer and supporting the growth of the utility business.

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