Urbana has created digital solutions that provide continuous improvement in the performance of any project.

Most of the Smart City and Smart Building work in Europe involve existing sites with modernization objectives for reasons of compliance with the laws or for opportunities to optimize energy consumption. The implementation of solutions to improve the use of the assets present in the sites is equally valuable. It is therefore important to pay particular attention to the starting conditions of a project if you want to avoid delays.

The role, which Urbana has long identified as a key value in defining its business strategy, centered on the DIGITAL ADVANTAGE. With this term, Urbana highlights how it is possible to speed up collaboration between different systems (already installed and of the new generation) if software solutions are adopted. Therefore, Urbana’s expertise has developed in knowing how to govern all interface levels of an IoT infrastructure.

Digital ergonomics is an additional value that must be considered to ensure ease of use, especially for the implementation phases in the field, which are often carried out by unskilled personnel, involved only in the final stages of the project.


Quick, open and scalable interaction


The DIGITAL ADVANTAGE can be explained in three key competencies in which Urbana has invested: IoT system integration – Device management platform – Smart Trigger.

With “IoT system Integration” we mean the ability to connect the hardware infrastructure of the various technology verticals to a software interface that integrates openly with other software thanks to the IoT architecture.

With the “Device Management” platform we mean the ability to monitor integrated devices, manage their functionality, record all information related to their life cycle, export raw or aggregated data to business intelligence and general supervision systems (for example City mobility, multi-site Facility Management, etc.)

The word “Smart Trigger” refers to solutions that automate interactions between devices and different systems. This competence allows keeping in edge computing those automation that for functionality reasons must remain local, and to carry on the cloud all the interactions between the multiple digital services. Our software brings together classic technologies with modern wireless IoT devices in a single architecture.

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