Easy management
Status monitoring


This section allows to visualize the localization of a single device or of a group or a group of devices with the ability to identify them both in outdoor and indoor environments. The first uses a Google map to locate the devices, while the second loads a customized map suitable for interior spaces.

Group structure

This section gives an overview of the groups present or to which the current user has access.

The user is also able to see at a glance the number of devices present in the groups and can access the child groups.

Area split

This section gives details bifurcation for the groups based on indoor and outdoor type. Groups can be of two types.

Outdoor groups are the ones that have a map-based location (google maps) and can specify a location that is based on outside like parking, streets, etc.

Indoor groups are the ones that are used for specifying the area which refers to withing a building or enclosed environment like underground parking, etc.


In this section displays the weather information of the selected group based on the location set in the group details.


This section gives the status for the devices in the selected group. The segregation is made on the basis of device status which are OK or Unknown. OK basically refers to devices being online and connected to system. While Unknown status means the device is offline.


This section refers to the ratios of devices based on the device type. Device type could be for example, lighting, metering, parking, etc. Device splits give details about the type of devices present in a group.


This section gives the details about the users that have been added by the current logged in user and their access levels, i.e., local admin, standard user, etc.

Other features

There are many other features on the dashboard to help users manage the system. Urbana has designed a dashboard for each type of solution in order to
improve the user experience.
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