Improving the Energy Efficiency

of a building 


Those who have implemented energy efficiency operations do not always succeed in testing their actual validity. An IoT system can clearly and accurately demonstrate that the chosen energy efficiency project leads to concrete results. 

Customer needs

Improving the energy efficiency of the building. Demonstrate with clear and correct data that the project implemented resulted in improved energy efficiency. 

The issue

It is not enough to compare energy bills before and after efficiency upgrades. An evaluation method based on accurate historical data is needed. 

Urbana’s solution: BMS Light



  • Wireless metering system to monitor energy consumption for lighting and mechanical systems.
  • Urbana BMS Light platform capable of historicizing data collected from devices. 
  • Acquisition via API in the Urbana IOT platform of weather data, energy prices, number of users and space utilization. 
  • Urbana BMS Light is used for energy data analysis and to effectively demonstrate energy efficiency improvement. 

The advantages of Urbana’s solution

Simple & intuitive

Urbana BMS Light supports energy management processes in a simple and intuitive way

Real-time feedbacks

Provides continuous feedbacks about different parameters

Ensure green energy goals

Respect nature and save money using our system


Urbana BMS Light platform offers energy data analysis tools that can be adapted to customer needs


The solution is very easy to extend with additional tools.

Some of our Use Cases

PV          Systems

Outdoor Lighting

Smart Irrigation

BMS Management

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