Energy Efficiency
through IoT Systems

How to improve energy efficiency?

Harness the power of IoT technology to revolutionize your energy supply chain.
Our real-time data analysis solutions enable you to optimize energy management, conserve resources,
and achieve maximum energy efficiency.

Join the sustainable energy movement today!

Our solution, green and efficient

Stay ahead and maximize your production output with Urbana IoT Platform. Monitor production output, track defects, and conduct visual inspections with our advanced IoT devices. Utilize our predictive maintenance module to identify and address issues before they occur.
Get real-time data visibility on malfunctions, failures, and operational safety to optimize your processes.
Create digital work instructions for complex tasks and ensure safety and accuracy. Utilize LoRaWAN® protocol to integrate any compliant devices into your Urbana Infrastructure.

Energy efficiency benefits

Reduce energy consumption
Optimize asset maintenance
Automate processes
Ensure green energy goals

LoRaWAN® Infrastructure

Coverage adaptability

LoRa® technology uses an innovative modulation known as Chirp Spread Spectrum capable of adapting the transmission parameters to the coverage range of the network, ensuring excellent performance even at long distances.

Communication platform

Each of the nodes communicate with the network server through one or more gateways. This connection allows the transmission of data to the platform, from which the entire infrastructure can be monitored.

Open and scalable system

The system uses LoRaWAN® as the standard for the network infrastructure, Urbana IoT platform can guarantee the highest level of security in the transmission and management of data along with an innate openness to future integrations with third-party systems.

Some of our Use Cases

PV          Systems

Outdoor Lighting

Smart Irrigation

Energy Efficiency

BMS Management

Improve your
Energy Efficiency

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