Load cells monitoring system through wireless connection


Urbana Smart Solutions and Area Four Industries joined forces to build a project concerning a load cells wireless monitoring system.

This monitoring system is usually implemented to continuously check suspended loads in exhibition halls, for instance during fairs, where there might be hundreds of nodes monitoring different structures. The data collected is shared in real-time from different parties.

The network is composed of a LoRaWAN® gateway with a coverage range exceeding 1000 meters. Devices are supported by Urbana IoT platform, capable of collecting data and managing multiple events at the same time.

Customer needs


The issue

Some solutions involving wired systems and radio connection are already available on the market. However, few of these solutions take advantage of an IoT system, which is capable of transferring data through internet connection. 

The ever-increasing request for information regarding suspended loads and the diffusion of the aforementioned systems, is hampered by the high prices of those devices and by the complexity of managing thousands of them at the same time. 

Urbana’s solution: Two teams join forces!

Urbana Smart Solutions, in collaboration with Area Four Industries Italia, had a primary role in the design and development of Flexa IoT Line, capable of monitoring thousands of sections in vast areas every three minutes. It is an IoT system, based on Urbana IoT Platform, which tracks suspended loads and structure efficiency, allowing for great data collection on extended areas. 

The advantages of Urbana’s solution

Best performance

Tracks plant performances remotely

Real-time feedbacks

Provides continuous feedbacks about different parameters

Predictive maintenance

The platform predicts potential system failures and takes precautionary measures

Ensure green energy goals

Respect nature and save money using our photovoltaic system


It can be integrated with various systems, such as energy storage devices

& Safety

Ensures safety and efficiency, with a fully modulable platform

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