What is our business model?

Our device management products and services are positioned as a digital connector between digital service providers operating in the context of Smart City, Smart Building, and smart device manufacturers.


is subjects that provide services after the start-up of the plant, typically Technical Services, Utilities, Software Company, Facility Management.


are subjects that manage the project and the order, who can also be involved in the phases following commissioning, typically ESCOs, Real Estate, Utilities


There are entities that provide field devices with specific logic interfaces for that type of application, possibly supported by highly specialized software control systems on the use cases that the application requires.

Our solutions

Our solutions are designed to be scalable in order to simplify the integration between the parts that contribute to the execution of the project. Furthermore, it must be considered that in the SMART logic the needs evolve over time and it is essential to have adopted flexible solutions able to scale towards new needs.


is a digital solution compose of different applications that make the potential of the system on specific verticals tangible to the end-user. The configuration and the start-up assistance of the system are treated as ad-hoc services based on project needs, while the diagnostic part of the system, although simplified, is provided as a recurring service.


is the solution that enriches IoT CONNECTED DEVICES and integrates the functionality of field devices, regulating the interactions required by use cases. In this solution, all integration and commissioning activities are treated as ad-hoc services based on project needs, while the diagnostic part of the system is provided as a recurring service.


is the solution that enriches the CROSS-PLATFORM SOFTWARE and supports continuous improvement by transferring the parameters of interest to management systems adopted by the plant operators. In this solution, all the integration activities are treated as ad-hoc services based on the project needs, while the diagnostic part of the system, even complex, is provided as a recurring service.


To be able to respond effectively to all the cases of needs that our customer partners submit to us and what we have identified in the analysis. Our offers are available in three levels:

Efficiency Platform

is digital products represented by digital diagnostic platforms and wireless devices that interact through an IoT infrastructure.

Service HUB

is the set of services needed to assist the customer from the conception of the project to commissioning. This offer is also composed of a series of assistance services to guarantee the continuous improvement of the project objectives.

IoT System Integration

includes all the integration services necessary to govern an IoT infrastructure. Skills in device firmware management, connectivity, and telecommunication skills necessary to govern the sizing and management of wired and wireless networks, IoT infrastructure architecture skills, IoT development full-stack skills, digital ergonomics skills to ensure intuitive graphical interfaces and fluid in their use.

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