Managing Outdoor Lighting

without waste 


Cities are looking for new ways to become more energy efficient while reducing costs. Outdoor lighting is among the most expensive consumptions and one of the biggest contributors to energy waste.

Our solution allows public and private organizations to save more energy with intelligent lighting systems, reducing consumption and energy costs.

Customer needs

The need of the public administration is to implement an outdoor lighting system that reduces energy waste and consequently, the consumption expenses that burden citizens. 

The issue

Monitoring lighting systems efficiently with the ability to analyze consumption in real time with a simple, efficient and d cost-effective solution. 

Urbana’s solution: Urbana Lighting Platform

Urbana’s Smart Lighting package offers a comprehensive suite of tools to efficiently manage any lighting system.  

Using Urbana IoT, LoRaWAN® network gateways, and control devices, Urbana can successfully achieve ubiquitous coverage by ensuring high-performance IoT services. 

Manage lighting devices by creating and scheduling lighting programs (classic or astroclock),  monitoring the installation status, viewing analytics and much more!  

Create lighting programs (classic or astro-clock) in a simple and intuitive way. Define the templates and reuse the previously defined lighting programs, speeding up the installation start-up. 

The advantages of Urbana’s solution

Best performance

Perform advanced energy analytics 

Real-time feedbacks

Read real-time data collected from devices 

Predictive maintenance

Optimize maintenance planning 

Ensure green energy goals

Program energy consumption plans on devices 

Simple & intuitive

Deploy your device in less than 10 seconds

& Safety

Ensures safety and efficiency, with a fully modulable platform

Some of our Use Cases

BMS Management

PV            Systems

Smart Irrigation

Energy Efficiency

Our solution for outdoor lighting
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