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Mobility is changing dramatically and intelligent presence sensors have become essential for efficient parking management. Whether you are aiming to launch new digital services or simply to improve the efficiency of your space, Urbana has the right answer for you.





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Keep up with the ever-increasing demands of our society. Digital parking management helps you to analyze and optimize the capacity and layout to always offer the best user experience.

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Urbana’s parking sensor is characterized by a combination of robust and sturdy technologies including magnetic and radar detection capabilities.

This is a device that allows identifying the presence of a vehicle in a specific parking area and transfers information through LoRaWAN® radio communication.

It is a device with long-lasting battery life, reliable performance, and an easy installation process. Downloading the application Urbana Toolkit on your smartphone or tablet, it is possible to configure, commission, and geolocate the device.

To complete the user experience, through Urbana’s Efficiency Platform you can configure the management of parking areas, giving the flexibility to transform data for supervision with a wider perspective.

With Urbana AI Cam it is possible to detect vehicles in a parking and transfer the data relating to the occupancy via LoRaWAN® radio communication. AI Cam works based on edge computing technology along with advanced identification algorithms.

There are several advantages installing the device at a certain height. Firstly, it is possible to mark and frame an area to be used for monitoring and identification though multi slot detection. Secondly, using the same device you can detect many cars, reducing the total installation costs. Lastly, since it is AI camera, reduced performance due to radio signal performance is avoidable.

Through Urbana’s Efficiency Platform, it is possible to complete the user experience by configuring the management of parking areas and giving the possibility of transferring data to fully managed and supervised systems.

Area Detection

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