The photovoltaic systems

optimized by IoT technology


Get ready to harness the power of the sun like never before, with photovoltaic systems optimized by Urbana’s IoT technology, you can generate clean, renewable energy more efficiently than ever.

These cutting-edge systems use real-time data and analytics to maximize your solar power output, ensuring you get the most out of every ray of sunshine. Plus, with remote monitoring and predictive maintenance, you can rest easy knowing your system is operating at peak performance.

So why settling for traditional solar panels when you can have the power of IoT-optimized photovoltaic systems?
Start generating sustainable energy today and shine a light on a brighter future

Customer needs

To track and improve solar panel systems in order to optimise electricity production and to reduce maintenance costs.

The issue

Photovoltaic systems may be located in distant areas with the possibility to expand their action even further. In this case it may be difficult to carry out a quick and effective fault diagnosis. 

Urbana’s solution concerning photovoltaic systems
  • To install sensors capable of tracking: energy production, temperature, solar irradiation, humidity and more environmental factors on solar panels. Therefore, panels can be arranged across vast areas. 
  • BMS Light IoT platform: A powerful and intuitive platform which elaborates data previously collected by sensors to translate it into a comprehensible format. It also allows for data analytics, useful to identify trends and malfunctioning during the production of solar energy and to enhance the system’s performances. 
  • System Integration: It can be integrated with various systems, such as energy storage devices.  

The advantages of Urbana’s solution

Best performance

Tracks plant performances remotely

Real-time feedbacks

Provides continuous feedbacks about different parameters

Predictive maintenance

The platform predicts potential system failures and takes precautionary measures

Ensure green energy goals

Respect nature and save money using our photovoltaic system


It can be integrated with various systems, such as energy storage devices

& Safety

Ensures safety and efficiency, with a fully modulable platform

Some of our Use Cases


Smart Irrigation

Energy Efficiency

Outdoor Lighting

BMS Management

Our solution for the photovoltaic sector
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