Camera Ai


Device Description

The CCAI radio device is designed to be installed on a wall, ceiling or pole using the appropriate fixing accessories. It monitors the parking spaces and is ready to provide a complete suite of features that guarantee a continuous view of the system’s performance, to implement logic that allows for continuous improvement. 

CCAI is a device with an integrated video processor which, through the execution of advanced algorithms, can process images and detect specific events. 

The device can identify vehicles within its field of view, recognizing a parking space as occupied only if it is occupied by a vehicle and not by other objects. For vehicle recognition, CCAI locally runs a trained neural network that does not require a connection with remote servers for processing the video stream. All captured frames are processed in real time and are neither stored nor transmitted. 

The device allows a punctual and efficient control, constantly monitoring and sending the status updates of more than one parking space.   

CCAI is easily configurable using the EASYCONF module, which allows the installer to define the parameters in full autonomy. The convenient web interface makes it easy to define the parking spaces to monitor. In addition, the motorized optical support allows you to adjust the slot even after installing the device. 

The radio communication interface follows the LoRaWAN® 1.0.3 standard (class C), low-power and long-range communication technology. LoRaWAN® technology provides the highest radio communication performance in terms of reliability, scalability, and obstacle avoidance with low power consumption. The device also has an Ethernet interface and a Wi-Fi for configuration. 

CCAI is designed to operate in the temperature range –25° C to + 60° C and it has an IP68 degree of protection. 

The device can be installed via the URBANA TOOLKIT mobile application, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, with easy-to-use QUICKSCAN procedures. 

Measured Values Recorded


Device Documentation

Consult the documentation to access
technical and assembly information.

Urbana Toolkit App

Device commissioning

Urbana Toolkit is Urbana’s smartphone and tablet app that allows you to install, configure and locate devices in just 4 steps. This tool has an essential layout and guarantees ease of use during the installation process by summarizing the phases in a simple and effective way.


To proceed with the installation and registration of the device, you need to access the app with your user and start the configuration by scanning the Qr code present on all the devices integrated by Urbana.


It then continues with the assignment of a membership group and geolocation. With the first function it is possible to have a hierarchical and detailed cataloging on the platform. With the second the exact positioning is given to the device.


To complete the installation of the device it is necessary to add the name and other specifications based on the type. This section also displays all technical information.


Once all the previous steps have been correctly completed, the device is active and ready to process data ensuring maximum performance.