Security, savings & comfort

of a Smart Home

Smart Home

Urbana Smart Home offers an IoT solution that improves the comfort and the efficiency of an house
and also the lives of those who live in it every day, helps you to safeguard the Planet
and at the same time saves you money through increased energy efficiency.

For the building manager...

Urbana's Platform is the intelligent system for Smart Home and Smart Building

The easiest way to realize an ideal home.

Urbana’s Smart Home solution includes a platform based on the Zigbee 3.0 wireless communication protocol to manage both battery-powered and network-powered devices.

With a 10-inch touch panel and a mobile app, it is possible to efficiently control devices both locally and remotely.

  • Set the temperature of every house in the building.
  • Manage setpoint modes (comfort, stand-by, night, frost/heat protection).
  • Define the CO2 level for each house.
  • Configure the maximum humidity threshold.
  • Monitor heat pumps, mechanical ventilation, AHUs.
  • View weather data.
  • Ability to integrate devices from different manufacturers into a single system, and manageable from a single platform 
  • Flexibility to easily change configurations to suit your needs.  
  • Compatibility with Google Home and Alexa systems. 

Integrate devices from different manufacturers into a single system, all managed from one platform.


It offers excellent flexibility to easily modify configurations according to the user’s needs.


All user interactions are optimized for immediate action


Compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, provides also the option for mobile app branding

For the tenant...

Urbana Smart Home for a house more efficient, comfortable and safe

User control functionalities

The system allows for free use of services through the mobile application ‘Urbana Smart Home’ , which is available for free online in various app stores.


  • Light points (on/off, scenarios, dimming, where applicable)
  • HVAC operating settings
  • Commands for shutters (open/close, scenarios)
  • External lighting (on/off, scenarios)
  • Live video intercom

Urbana Smart Home benefits

Integration of devices

into a single system. 


in configurations.


Google Home and Alexa systems.

Some of our Use Cases

PV          Systems

Outdoor Lighting

Smart Irrigation

Energy Efficiency

BMS Management

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