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Today, IoT systems can help improve and optimize business and processes in the agricultural sector, bringing it closer to technological and ecological transformation. In turn this makes it possible to achieve the objectives set out in the Agenda 2030 for the protection of the planet’s natural ecosystem.

Urbana develops a series of IoT solutions able to solve and automate the work of farmers by allowing accurate data collection and analysis to monitor plantations and livestock, automate irrigation and track the supply chain, etc. All of this simplifies the decision-making process and increases productivity.

Here are some of the solutions to make traditional agricultural activities to smart agriculture.



For plantation monitoring, the associated devices can monitor different environmental parameters, which are important for determining the health of the crop. Few of the indicators present are air humidity, temperature, wind intensity, soil parameters and irrigation level, which are important for proper photosynthesis.

Among the most important parameters to define the health of the plant is the LWD (Leaf Wetness Duration) indicator capable of defining the duration of leaf moisture.

Thanks to the detection of these parameters, it is also possible to check for the presence of any parasites on crops, an essential information to quickly address the problem and in turn minimizing the impacts on plantations.


Increasing wine grapes production and its respective wine quality is every winegrower’s most desired achievement. Precision agriculture turns out to be a great tool when it comes to achieve these goals. The basic concept standing behind it is to manage each winegrape with specific and dedicated cares, by giving it just what it needs when it needs.

With a modern and integrated use of sensors it is possible to automate the entire irrigation system, headign then towards a sustainable use of resources, leveraging soil and environmental conditions real-time analysis. Thanks to this it is also possible reduce the usage of fertilizers. The processing of the environmental and soil data collected by field sensors allows to identify the areas with high chances of developing diseases and proceed with timely treatments. The system can identify and effectively manage plant diseases such as downy mildew and powdery mildew, the principal hurdles every winegrower has to face.


The increasing adoption of greenhouses is changing the way agriculture is used to deal with crops. By using a precisely controlled microclimate, producers can satisfy customers’ requests all year long producing fresh fruit and vegetables even out of season. Industry operators are always looking for new ways to increase productivity.

Our IoT solutions allow to plan and setup the best irrigation and fertigation strategy for your crops inside greenhouses.

The sensors can detect all the relevant data coming from the soil and the environment, such as humidity, temperature, air quality and many other parameters. These can turn fundamental to carefully manage your crops in real-time and obtain the best product quality and yield, by simply optimizing the use of resources.


For the monitoring of farm animals, it is essential to collect information on environmental conditions, therefore on the temperature, air quality and humidity of the building as well as the health of the animal, for example vital signs and any abnormal movements.

Based on both the external and internal factors of the livestock, it can be planned the best time or area for grazing.


For proper soil nourishment it is important that the soil receives the adequate quantities of water evenly. The absence of proper irrigation affects the health and productivity of the soil.

To manage water resources appropriately, Urbana proposes an IoT solution able to monitor and control the supply of water. This system allows user to stay updated on the changing conditions of agricultural environments by monitoring, through wireless sensors, the temperature and humidity of the soil. Having precise data on certain parameters available, farmers can improve the planning and distribution of the irrigation system, thus obtaining a better result with lower water consumption.

of wineries

The production and storage of wine in a wine cellar, or balsamic vinegar in a vinegar cellar, needs a constant temperature, controlled humidity, and precise ventilation and lighting conditions.

IoT sensors managed by Urbana’s Solution allow simultaneous and constant monitoring of all these parameters from multiple points in the winery or vinegar cellar: room temperature, degree of humidity, degree of illumination and air quality.

Every minimum variation to the set parameters is recorded to be managed and the staff alerted with a notification allowing a timely intervention.

chain traceability

Enhancing the set of steps that make up the supply chain is essential for obtaining internationally recognized quality and certification awards, such as organic or made in Italy.

Urbana, with a simple and precise system, allows farmers to monitor and track the entire production cycle of the product, from the start of the raw material procurement to the transformation and processing processes up to distribution and arrival at the point of sale. Through Urbana IoT Platform it is possible to collect and log all the essential data of the product, for documentation that is accurate and reliable.

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