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The market is fragmented among different technologies and protocols (KNX, BACnet, DALI, PROFINET, etc.) that have gained significant market share in building automation over time. These protocols are limited in terms of interoperability and do not fit the IoT paradigm that is based on distributed networks, wireless nodes, cloud platforms.

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Urbana has moved beyond old architectures with a wireless IOT solution capable of integrating current automation platforms. Urbana BMS IOT Suite represents the new concept of automation of a secure, scalable, integrated building thanks to the use of wireless sensors with Plug&Play installation to drastically reduce the time and cost of installation/configuration and that do not require changes to the electrical and data network.

Solution overview

LoRa I/O

Reads digital I/O and sends data to the Urbana platform. Can execute actions based on automation in the Urbana platform or on actions programmed directly on the device.

Digital I/O

Acts as a regular device inside the building management network. It is configured using standard-defined tools, like ETS for KNX. Via building system-specific configuration software, it implements actions in turn to input from Urbana LoRa I/O and return outputs to the Urbana LoRa I/O inputs.

IoT Sensors

Battery operated

The wireless sensors are equipped with a battery that guarantees an average life of 5 years.


Wireless devices adapt to any installation without having to make invasive changes, that represent a huge economic advantage.

Plug&Play installation

Sensors are easy to install. This allows the end user to proceed without any specialized technical intervention.

Cause-effect rules

Sensors are intelligent devices capable of responding to pre-set commands, responding to cause-and-effect conditions that are triggered between different devices.

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LoRaWAN® Infrastructure

Coverage adaptability

LoRa® technology uses an innovative modulation known as Chirp Spread Spectrum capable of adapting the transmission parameters to the coverage range of the network, ensuring excellent performance even at long distances.

Communication platform

Each of the nodes communicate with the network server through one or more gateways. This connection allows the transmission of data to the platform, from which the entire infrastructure can be monitored.

Open and scalable system

The system uses LoRaWAN® as the standard for the network infrastructure, Urbana IoT platform can guarantee the highest level of security in the transmission and management of data along with an innate openness to future integrations with third-party systems.


The Urbana solution, Urbana BMS IOT Suite, through a single interface installed in a Computer Room and through the use of mobile devices allows to control the systems (heating, cooling, lighting, fire fighting, etc.) and all the data generated by the sensors that can be displayed on special dashboards and stored for data analysis activities to optimize maintenance processes.

The data of the sensors allow to monitor the environmental level in order to implement logics towards the heating/cooling systems, to activate malfunctioning alarms of devices necessary for the correct functioning of the building and its services, to determine automatic actions in relation to the values indicated by the sensors in a cause-effect logic.

Urbana’s solution is able to transform the world of Building & Facility Management towards digital innovation for the use of wireless sensors with long battery life that do not require wiring and integration of automation systems already present for the enhancement of investments.

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Mobile App

Urbana BMS IoT Suite is equipped with a mobile APP to be installed on smartphones and tablets that lets user configure and commission the sensors during installation, view the transmitted data in real-time and receive alerts in the event of anomalies reported by the sensors.

The app is implemented to ensure maximum ease of use and total security in the management of the data provided.

Sensors management

Through the app, the customer can associate the sensor with the room in which it is positioned.

Environmental data

The app allows the customer to view all the information made available by the installed sensors in a simple and intuitive way.

Custom notifications

The customer can receive personalized notifications in case of anomalous events processed by the sensors.

Anomaly detection

In the event of anomalies or malfunctions, the customer is informed through alerts sent by the app.

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