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The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the enabling technologies of smart cities. The ability to collect, analyze, process and monitor data as well as the ability to make different objects communicate with each other is one of the fundamental aspects that are making our cities smarter.

Urbana evaluated the different wireless technologies for each of the main functions that are potentially required by a smart city and implemented the modular Smart City IoT Suite platform using the LoraWAN® protocol.

Smart City




Monitoring of the desired metrics in real time and anticipating any situations or any problems, also allows to raise the service levels allowing at the same time a faster and more effective decision-making process.

The use of video surveillance technologies and other innovative technologies allows greater control of the various urban areas and a decrease in crime.

New technologies are a valuable tool for reducing pollution, CO2 emissions and for increasing energy efficiency results through the intelligent use of resources.

LoRaWAN® Infrastructure

Provision of public LoRaWAN® network and related services

Urbana aims to create an Internet of Things (IoT) Municipality Network based on LoRaWAN® technology in which citizens and companies, in addition to the Public Administration itself, can integrate their sensors.


Allow public administration to have all the sensor data available on the territory for monitoring purposes.

IoT Integration

Promote the development of the IoT with an approach of rationalizing and optimizing the use of frequencies by setting up a single network managed by the municipality.


Build a mapping of all existing sensors in the area through the population of a sensor cadastre with appropriate descriptive characteristics and with the identification of the owner.


Integrate sensors of individuals, citizens and companies into the public network to expand the survey basin, returning the data collected by their sensors to the individuals themselves, through a secure access portal for consultation of the data collected.


Urbana IoT Platform
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The Urbana Software Suite like Smart City, IoT Suite, allows web access to the system by the relevant municipal structures and citizens. The restricted access allows the information to be private and limited.

As for the operational structures of the municipality, the system allows users to view all information and carry out remote management and implementation of commands. The citizens, therefore, have the possibility to visualize a subset of the information such as, for example, the traffic status in real-time.

The information is displayed on a map, such as the location of accidents and road construction sites, the current state of traffic, areas of environmental pollution.


Centralized management

Urbana’s solution guarantees the efficient management of real-time data and historical data concerning sensors and connected devices. The information is processed and correlated with each other (for example traffic data with data relating to air and noise pollution) to provide a decision support system for the competent authorities. The information will also be useful for comparing historical trends, for verifying the actions carried previously and their impacts.

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