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Multiutility operation and maintenance

to contribute to the efficient management of resources through Smart Metering solutions and to support infrastructure maintenance activities.

Multiutility market

to support marketing and commercial activities with the sale of Value-Added Service (VAS) solutions together with gas and power offers.

Operation and maintenance:
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Smart Metering

The term Smart Metering refers to IoT meters that have possibility to be remotely monitored and transfer telemetric data. These are useful for measuring the consumption of water, gas, electricity, heat, etc. precisely and remotely to manage consumptions and generate bills.

Thanks to these new devices and their ability to collect consumption data, utilities sector is beginning to become smart. All this favours an efficient use of resources and allows to manage and even replace outdated infrastructures that do not allow remote and precise management.

From 2012 to 2018, according to the resolutions issued by the ARERA (Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks, and the Environment), the utilities were obliged to put into service at least 11 million remotely managed gas meters and 7 million second generation electricity meters, with the forecast of another 25 million by 2031. It is therefore essential to align with these regulations by benefiting from the IoT as an enabling technological factor.

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Smart Energy Metering

Through the massive replacement of electricity meters by Enel, which began in 2016, the reporting systems are now open to new possibilities to connect through the Open Meter solution.

Smart Energy Meter is an innovative meter equipped with special communication interfaces that allow the reading of data in digital format directly from the analogue meter through the power line.

Using suitable certified devices connected to the home sockets, the user of the power lines through third party applications can check in real time the consumption status and monitor the efficiency.

Urbana’s solution allows such data to be used by advanced home automation systems in order to make the various appliances interact. User is therefore synchronized with the trend of the hourly price of energy, monitored in real time by the appliances themselves. In this way, the user can optimize the processes of their energy profile.


Smart Water Metering

 is Urbana’s solution that allows for smart reading, remote management and control of water meters and the water network. This solution uses LoRaWAN technology able to communicate over long distances and is able to withstand any interference. In this way it is possible to collect data from meters which are often located deep or far away. Using Smart Water IoT Application, utilities can access information in real time and benefit from following advantages:

  • Monitor water consumption in real time
  • Notification alerts anomalies in consumption or any water leaks in homes.
  • Provide billing information for utility bills.
  • Have the geolocation of each individual meter.
  • Notification alerts in case of incorrect operation.
  • Manage the maintenance process of failed devices.

Urbana Suite for the Utilities Market


The home environment is constantly evolving and IoT technologies easily adapt to this context to ensure greater well-being and especially security.

In the Utility world, the trend to proceed with marketing and commercial initiatives for the sale of Value-Added Service (VAS) content together with core gas and power commodity offers is emerging.

Benefiting from its experience in innovative solutions, Urbana has created new digital services able to satisfy the customer and supporting the growth of the utility business.

Application for
control and monitoring


MyHome IoT Application solution is not just an app. Once installed on a smartphone or tablet, it allows the user to independently configure the sensors, from which it will be possible to view the data in real time and receive alerts when anomalies are reported.

Urbana’s IoT solution is designed to adapt to user’s personal needs and to be simple and intuitive. It is the ideal tool for older people and for those who are not very familiar with digital devices. This solution is also distinguished by its ease of installation (Plug & Play), the scalability and flexibility of the offer and has various customizations that meet the specific needs of users.

Security Kit

Through the installation of intelligent devices, it is possible to check the safety of the rooms in your home and ensure proper management. This does not only mean a safer feeling and place but also reduces daily inconveniences.

The devices associated with this offer include sensors for detecting the opening of doors and / or windows, to identify any gas detection and / or smoke detection, and also water leakage. In addition to these functionalities, the devices are capable of signalling request for help when situations of need arises. It is possible to increase safety and protect residents with these devices which are able to report dangerous situations.

Quality Kit

Ensuring proper ventilation of the rooms is recommended to prevent respiratory diseases, allergies and to reduce the spread of bacteria. The level of comfort depends, in fact, on your indoor environment like low temperature, high humidity or poor air quality, etc that can drastically impact your health.

For proper monitoring, the installation of intelligent devices allows the analysis of these indicator, thus allowing to create a better environment and promote adoption of good habits to improve well-being. When critical thresholds are reached, the devices inform users, through personalized notification alerts sent directly to their smartphone.

A healthy environment helps you feel in good shape, is essential for proper sleep quality, and affects a person’ productivity and ability to concentrate.

Wearable Kit

Although the home is considered a safe place still domestic accidents are a big health problem that mainly effect children and elderly.

For the management of home safety and security, innovative wearable devices are additionally available to support pre-existing ones. These devices constantly monitor the person’s health by checking vital parameters such as heart rate, body temperature and other specific indicators.

Of all domestic accidents, falls are the most common, causing debilitating effects on health and mobility, especially for the elderly. Also in this case, thanks to the monitoring of the person using a wearable device, it is possible to detect falls and automatically activate the request for help.
The request is sent to a professional operator or a family member.

IoT Devices

Discover some of the devices of the MyHome solution
Smoke Sensor
Methane Sensor
Ambience Sensor
PIR Sensor

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