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IoT Platform

Urbana IoT Platform makes your IoT system simple and intuitive


IoT Platform: at the core of all your IoT solutions

For every complex challenge, we have a simple solution. 

Your system is up and running right away with quick and hassle-free installation. 
No high knowledge required: Urbana IoT Platform makes your IoT system simple and intuitive. 

Device Management
Automation & Notification
Analytics & Reporting
Integration & Scalability

IoT Platform

Urbana’s platform, available in multilingual, allows the user to improve business performance. Every customer has unique needs, in fact, we offer two different types of packages that allow customers to use the platform through specific functionalities, different interactions and approaches to achieve their goals and improve results.

Automation & Notification

Urbana IoT Platform continuously fetch real-time data coming from the sensors and evaluate user-defined rules to trigger commands. 


Scanning a simple QR code, the application returns all relevant information like position, readings, status, etc. 

Analytics & Reporting

Historical data is always available and custom reports can be dynamically configured by the user.

Integration & Scalability

Integrate Urbana IoT Platform with external systems through robust and cutting-edge technologies like GraphQL APIs. 


Many solutions,
one single tool to manage field activities

  • Cost Reduction

Urbana IoT Platform is ready to use, enabling you to design IoT solutions effortlessly and with rapid results. 

  • Device installation

To ensure that a device correctly performs its function, the installer will scan the QR code, available on each device, filling all the required registration fields. This operation, in addition to enabling the device, allows you to identify it at any time.

  • Maintenance operations

Urbana Toolkit allows to organize and plan maintenance operations while improving communication between managers and the entire maintenance team. The owner can in fact monitor the entire operations and receive notifications on emails about status updates of the operational lifecycle.

  • Device calibration

The app allows to adjust and improve the accuracy of detection information by the devices like parking sensors. The app contains tools that easily allow maintainers to configure and calibrate sensors on the go.

Unleash the full power of Urbana IoT Platform!

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