Device Description

Zhaga RFT Radio Light Remote Management Device provides a complete suite of features that ensure a continuous monitoring of the performance of the plant, in order to implement logics that allow continuous improvement. The EMODE control logic ensures essential functionality even in the absence of temporary connectivity.

RFT Zhaga implements the management of weekly dimming profiles, supporting up to 16 of daily dimming points. The device is equipped with a RTC (Real Time Clock) that ensures the updating of the internal clock necessary for the execution of dimming profiles. In case of emergency, that is in the absence of connectivity and invalidation of the RTC, the device enables the built-in light sensor to establish the lighting body, depending on the threshold configured via the IoT platform.

The ASTROCLOCK feature, if activated, allows the daily dimming profile to be automatically adjusted to the change in the time of sunrise and sunset depending on the coordinates of the installation location.

The device monitors the status of the electronic ballast of the illuminating body, signaling any malfunctions (correct dimming value, internal errors of the ballast), periodically providing data on electricity consumption, dimming, time and cycles of lighting commands and internal temperature of the device.

Communication with the electronic ballast of the lighting body is via DALI 2.0 protocol, using the electromechanical interface defined according to the Zhaga Book 18 standard.

The radio communication interface follows the standard LoRaWAN® 1.0.3 (class C), low-powered and long-ranged communication technology.

RFT Zhaga is designed to operate even in critical environmental conditions, with operating temperature range -40~+70 C and IP66 degree of protection. It complies with EN 55024:2010- 11, EN 55024/a1:2015-06, EN 60950-1:2006-04, EN 60950-22:2006-04, EN 55032:2015-07, EN 61000-3-3: 2013-08, ETSI 301 489-1:2017-02.

The device allows automatic commissioning via the URBANA TOOLKIT mobile application, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, with easy-to-use QUICKSCAN procedures.

The programming of the functions is done through the URBANA EFFICIENCY PLATFORM.

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Device Documentation

Consult the documentation to access
technical and assembly information.

Urbana Toolkit App

Device commissioning

Urbana Toolkit is Urbana’s smartphone and tablet app that allows you to install, configure and locate devices in just 4 steps. This tool has an essential layout and guarantees ease of use during the installation process by summarizing the phases in a simple and effective way.


To proceed with the installation and registration of the device, you need to access the app with your user and start the configuration by scanning the Qr code present on all the devices integrated by Urbana.


It then continues with the assignment of a membership group and geolocation. With the first function it is possible to have a hierarchical and detailed cataloging on the platform. With the second the exact positioning is given to the device.


To complete the installation of the device it is necessary to add the name and other specifications based on the type. This section also displays all technical information.


Once all the previous steps have been correctly completed, the device is active and ready to process data ensuring maximum performance.