Management and organization
for operation and functionality

Device Management

Easy Management

Intuitive controls allow an efficient navigation

Plant optimization

The plant is well

Tree structure groups

Levels subdivison and creation of geolocated subgroups

Document collection

An avaible history, accessible at any time

and management

The landing page after login in the Urbana Platform is the dashboard. It is designed to give an overview of the groups and devices present in the platform along with other details that are present at a quick glance like device information, history, etc. Using the dashboard, the user can get a quick overview for the system and see information.

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When the devices have been added and commissioned in the platform, a series of commands are available.
Device management consists of monitoring their status, the possibility of viewing them individually or by group to which they belong. There are many other actions present including, viewing the position of the devices with the possibility of changing it.

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All devices detect a series of consultable information, in fact the user have access to the command history, information and details relating to devices and groups. The stable detection allows to consult custom report according to your needs, with the possibility of downloading the document in different ways. All that allows and facilitate an accurate performance analysis.

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This area contains the main control for the platform management. The main entities present here are the user creation and management, group creation and management and finally the relationship for association between the groups and users.

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Urbana Toolkit App

Easy device
installation process

Add position
Add info

Control every
device and plant

Add devices,
without worries

Always connected,
always informed

Functionality guarantee

Control and monitoring of anomalies

Multi device

Register multiple devices

Real-Time Monitoring

Updated information