Monitoring of residential buildings through IoT


Thanks to Urbana’s IoT Solution, monitoring energy production and consumption becomes easier and faster, even for complex systems.

With Urbana’s IoT solution, telemetry of your apartment building’s energy assets becomes convenient and intuitive, even on a smartphone or tablet, wherever you are.

Customer needs

Do you need to know the exact consumption of each individual apartment in a building? 

Do you need to monitor the output of a thermal power plant or hybrid system including a solar system?

Do you need to keep an eye on the level of a building water tank? 


Urbana’s solution: 

The Urbana solution provides an IoT system for consumption monitoring, via LoRaWAN® devices and the IoT BMS Light Platform. The BMS Light solution has high configurability and allows secure and profiled access to information by allowing users and roles management.  


  • Thermal energy consumption
  • Cold water consumption
  • Hot water consumption
  • Thermal power plant electricity consumption
  • Energy produced by a solar thermal plant
  • Gas consumption
  • Condominium water tank level measurement


The advantages of Urbana’s solution

Thermal energy consumption
Cold/Hot water consumption
Gas consumption
Ensure green energy goals
Solar thermal plant
& Safety

Some of our Use Cases

BMS Management

PV            Systems

Smart Irrigation

Energy Efficiency

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