Irrigation and meteorological analysis at a winery


By leveraging IoT technology in irrigation systems, farmers can achieve more precise and targeted water application.

Customer needs

Producing more grapes and increasing the quality of wine produced is the winemaker’s need, and IoT technology can help farms achieve their goals.

The issue

Making it easy to manage a vineyard’s irrigation system (pumps and valves) and automate it so that it can irrigate only when needed is an important need specially to reduce waste and achieve significant savings on consumption.

Urbana’s solution:

To manage water resources appropriately, Urbana proposes an IoT solution that can monitor and control water supply to the soil.

This system allows farmers to stay up to date with the changing conditions of agricultural environments by monitoring, through wireless sensors, soil temperature and moisture.

By collecting this data, farmers can improve the planning and distribution of the irrigation system while achieving a good result with less water consumption.

Thanks to this irrigation solution, it is possible:

  • Analyze soil parameters such as temperature and moisture at six depth levels so that they can identify how vine roots are irrigated and detect areas with different water concentrations.

  • Analyze the water consumption of the main meters.

  • Analyze meteorological parameters (pressure, dew point, temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed, rainfall, and solar radiation) to be able to make decisions on what operations to carry out in the vineyard or to automate the irrigation system.

  • Overall management of the irrigation system (pumps and valves) so that only where needed can be properly irrigated to optimize irrigation, reduce water waste, and reduce manual operations.

The advantages of Urbana’s solution

Simplified management of the system
Reduced water consumption


Remote Monitoring and management


Better decision making based on collected data


More care for the environment

Some of our Use Cases

PV Systems

Outdoor Lighting

Energy Efficiency

BMS Management

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